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23 Feb 2018


We have all experienced that strange thing in sit down restaurant with a noise that scratches our heads and the one that has the volume at the exact point; with a perfect atmosphere that invites us to wait because something great will happen. That is the music thin line where you can feel in a bad mood or the up mood because you feel that you arrived at the place or moment you were waiting for. The smells, the tastes and the sounds have a very strong power in our brain, because they help us to create new memories or to remember some that had a strong impact when we experienced them for the first time. Normally when you visit a restaurant the smells and flavors are stimulated after a while, but the sound and mood of the other guests is present from the entrance, predetermining their attitude towards everything that is about to happen. Now if you are a proudly South American person, raised in a province like me, with strong North American influence and grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, there is a wide cheerful musical portfolio, which can improve your day. What I want to say […]

23 Ene 2018


Music generates emotions, makes our day happy, reassures or activates us, and emotion is the key to provide a vital client experience. Music is one of those few external incentive that release similar hormones to those that are released when we eat or drink, because it can excite or bore us and can be the instrument to establish the right environment for a day or a night.           In other words, if a restaurant has a good product, delivers quickly, correctly and offers a charming atmosphere you are giving your customers an endorphin and a dopamine pump that can make your customer fall in love; possibly producing oxytocin also the hormone related to friendship, love and trust. Of course when you do not have any control over the music and it’s something that the client does not like, it can irritate and generate the stress hormone known as cortisone. It goes without saying that when this situation happens it is much more difficult to general the optimal level of other hormones so that the experience is positioned memorable in the mind of that person. The ignorance of this situation is so high that there are businessmen […]