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16 Feb 2018

Delivery 2.0

Delivery and applications through platforms, are the new game tool in a retail reinvention world where the carts are being distributed to serve known or unknown customers. So entering in this channel is a shot in the air if you do not have a clear strategy or a learning predetermined objective, also in some cases […]

15 Feb 2018

Domicilios 2.0

Los domicilios y las plataformas a través de aplicaciones, son una nueva herramienta de juego en un mundo de retail en reinvención y donde las cartas se están repartiendo para atender clientes conocidos o por conocer.  Por lo que entrar en este canal es un tiro al aire si no se cuenta con una estrategia […]

16 Ene 2018


Delivery is the new restaurants strategy for new a client, at least that is the observed trend and that does not show any signs of deceleration in the near future. The option of being able to reach more consumers with the current infrastructure has been the argument responsible for the growth of this channel in […]