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17 Mar 2018

10 foods that are not from here and we almost consider ours.

It has not happened to you that whenever you get hungry, you do not want to eat at home and you want to go out or call for a delivery, you end up in the same obvious alternatives. Well many of those food options are not original or creations of this side of the world. Most of what we consider our food or part of our culinary culture such as coffee, banana and bread are not totally Colombian. The coffee comes from North Africa, the banana is native to Southeast Asia and the history of bread begins in Egypt but the Europeans are the ones who developed it. Not counting other options that we have adopted and only exist here as it is a Hawaiian pizza or the samba where the secret ingredient is the pineapple a South American fruit and the maduritos respectively. For this reason, I have taken the time to investigate what are the 10 foods that we like so much, are not from these lands, find their origin and try to determine how they ended up in Colombia. Coffee an African product that arrived by accident in the Americas. There is no product that best describes […]