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15 Mar 2018

Los cines están perdiendo la batalla para evitar el territorio zombi

Las ventas de cine no son consideradas ventas minoristas, las entradas de cine se cuantifican como una actividad recreativa y de entretenimiento que forma parte de un amplio grupo de opciones de gastos que hacen las personas, pero en Colombia es casi imposible imaginar un nuevo centro comercial de dimensiones importantes sin una buena oferta […]

23 Feb 2018


We have all experienced that strange thing in sit down restaurant with a noise that scratches our heads and the one that has the volume at the exact point; with a perfect atmosphere that invites us to wait because something great will happen. That is the music thin line where you can feel in a […]

23 Ene 2018


Music generates emotions, makes our day happy, reassures or activates us, and emotion is the key to provide a vital client experience. Music is one of those few external incentive that release similar hormones to those that are released when we eat or drink, because it can excite or bore us and can be the […]