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16 Feb 2018

Delivery 2.0

Delivery and applications through platforms, are the new game tool in a retail reinvention world where the carts are being distributed to serve known or unknown customers. So entering in this channel is a shot in the air if you do not have a clear strategy or a learning predetermined objective, also in some cases it can be seen as a Russian roulette with a loaded weapon where there is only an empty space called luck. In Colombia, we are addicted to deliveries because since we were born at our home door arrived the pharmacy order for the sick, the roasted chicken to share with family, the liquor to continue the party with friends, just to mention some examples. But the main obstacle for companies to enter homes was the cost of the motorcycle, the driver, the contract with the driver, other contract charges (health, pension, etc.) and how to solve a problem in case of a traffic accident with your brand, which we solved a decade ago with a service contract with the motorized (assumes all charges) and a subsidy rolling, which is canceled based on the sale. Pizzerias, chicken grills, drugstores, independent supermarkets and everything you can imagine […]

16 Ene 2018


Delivery is the new restaurants strategy for new a client, at least that is the observed trend and that does not show any signs of deceleration in the near future. The option of being able to reach more consumers with the current infrastructure has been the argument responsible for the growth of this channel in the last five years, it does not show signs of reducing in the times to come and it is one of the main pillars or paradigms for almost all the new market proposals. Entrepreneurs see potential sales behind households and the need to compete in the current market, but incorporating this into the operation is the beginning of a wave of challenges and marginal revenue may not be as marginal as it seems. This option is the biggest disruptor for the sector and has been the lifeline of many brands that have lost customers in their restaurants in recent years. Obviously, every new sales channel has challenges, such as: the cost, products travel well, with whom to associate, etc. But in practice, not so obvious challenges arise. HOW IS BUSINESS? PARTNER! New technological infrastructure is almost always required, so the solution can be as simple […]