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05 Abr 2018

The future 15 restaurants in Colombia.

Who is doing things right? And it can be a company with a future in this changing market. This is the most difficult question that I have been asked this year because the Colombian market today is a new beast with teeth very different from those it had 5 or 10 years ago and making any prediction is to take out the crystal ball to make it shine. But knowing that the same store sales have fallen, traffic has been weak for the past two years, competition has intensified, the cost of leasing on the premises is through the roof, higher taxes, the labor cost has risen, some Consumers simply do not enter if they do not have a discount coupon, costs of remodeling premises, new technologies and high rates of deliveries charged by third parties. The initial question is more valid than ever because what we really want to know is which value proposition is better prepared for this new market and that if it is not an exercise in speculation that I am interested in doing. The first thing in my approach is to make clear that my concept is a response biased by my experience as a […]

17 Mar 2018

10 foods that are not from here and we almost consider ours.

It has not happened to you that whenever you get hungry, you do not want to eat at home and you want to go out or call for a delivery, you end up in the same obvious alternatives. Well many of those food options are not original or creations of this side of the world. Most of what we consider our food or part of our culinary culture such as coffee, banana and bread are not totally Colombian. The coffee comes from North Africa, the banana is native to Southeast Asia and the history of bread begins in Egypt but the Europeans are the ones who developed it. Not counting other options that we have adopted and only exist here as it is a Hawaiian pizza or the samba where the secret ingredient is the pineapple a South American fruit and the maduritos respectively. For this reason, I have taken the time to investigate what are the 10 foods that we like so much, are not from these lands, find their origin and try to determine how they ended up in Colombia. Coffee an African product that arrived by accident in the Americas. There is no product that best describes […]

15 Mar 2018

Los cines están perdiendo la batalla para evitar el territorio zombi

Las ventas de cine no son consideradas ventas minoristas, las entradas de cine se cuantifican como una actividad recreativa y de entretenimiento que forma parte de un amplio grupo de opciones de gastos que hacen las personas, pero en Colombia es casi imposible imaginar un nuevo centro comercial de dimensiones importantes sin una buena oferta de cines. El mejor lugar y mayor aglutinador de retail (tiendas minoristas) es el centro comercial porque es un lugar que en las ciudades permite promover encuentros casuales con los vecinos y conocidos, son las nuevas plazas de los pueblos, son un punto de reunión y encuentro de las personas.  Estas personas se pueden clasificar como “Shoppers” o “Buyers” los primeros por lo general son mirones que navegan las tiendas y los segundos son los compradores, que son casi siempre menos que los primeros. Los “Buyers” o compradores siempre han sido los más importantes para las tiendas minoristas y un elemento que los desarrolladores inmobiliario identificaron hace años es que las tiendas de centros comerciales con cines facturaban mucha más que los que no tenían,  porque quien va cine tiene tiempo para una actividad que le tomara varias horas del día, ya está predispuesto a […]

01 Mar 2018

Los 15 restaurantes del futuro en Colombia

¿Quién es el que está haciendo bien las cosas? y puede ser una empresa con futuro en este mercado cambiante.  Esta es la pregunta más difícil que me han hecho en este año porque el mercado colombiano hoy en día es una nueva bestia con dientes muy diferentes a los que tenía hace 5 o 10 años y hacer cualquier predicción es sacar la bola de cristal para sacarle brillo. Pero sabiendo que las mismas ventas de tiendas han caído, el tráfico ha sido débil los dos últimos años, la competencia se ha intensificado, el costo del arriendo en los locales esta por las nubes, impuestos más altos, el costo laboral ha subido, algunos consumidores simplemente no entran si no cuentan con un cupón de descuentos, costos de remodelación de locales, nuevas tecnologías y las altas tarifas de entregas cobrados por terceros.  La pregunta inicial es más valida que nunca porque lo que realmente queremos saber es cual propuesta de valor está mejor preparada para este nuevo mercado y eso si no es un ejercicio de especulación que me interesa realizar. Lo primero en mi aproximación es dejar claro que mi concepto es una respuesta sesgada por mi experiencia como […]

16 Feb 2018

Delivery 2.0

Delivery and applications through platforms, are the new game tool in a retail reinvention world where the carts are being distributed to serve known or unknown customers. So entering in this channel is a shot in the air if you do not have a clear strategy or a learning predetermined objective, also in some cases it can be seen as a Russian roulette with a loaded weapon where there is only an empty space called luck. In Colombia, we are addicted to deliveries because since we were born at our home door arrived the pharmacy order for the sick, the roasted chicken to share with family, the liquor to continue the party with friends, just to mention some examples. But the main obstacle for companies to enter homes was the cost of the motorcycle, the driver, the contract with the driver, other contract charges (health, pension, etc.) and how to solve a problem in case of a traffic accident with your brand, which we solved a decade ago with a service contract with the motorized (assumes all charges) and a subsidy rolling, which is canceled based on the sale. Pizzerias, chicken grills, drugstores, independent supermarkets and everything you can imagine […]